Turns out like 260 of the .unwrap()s were in our unit tests for device protocols (tons of copypasta there).

Down to 156!

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Forgot to omit my tests directory, where I unwrap a bunch because crashing is a great way to fail a test!

Down to 489. :|

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Introducing the BedroomAid w/ @ResearchDesire@twitter.com featuring our spooky halloween decoration from @FunkitToys@twitter.com

It does a thing!


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A library is only as safe as the developer has energy for, and apparently I get tired easily. :|

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Spending a fun sunday trying to remove all .unwrap()s from the library (either by conversion to .expect() with a message explaining why it's valid, or via error handling that should've been there)!

Only... 612 left to go!

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Tired: texting in the same room
Wired: teledildonics in the same room

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We *will* still support websockets as connectors, thanks to 4.5 years of history doing so already. I just wanted an alternative that might make life easier for developers who are only interested in IPC.

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(just got named pipes connectors working on windows. unix domain sockets hopefully done here in a few. No more websocket port conflicts!)

the perfect teledildonics control interfaces doesn't exi...

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as a software guy, I've always been jealous of modular folks with their sweet eurorack setups. I want a giant wall of lights, too!! and so, armed with the legion of midi controllers I've accumulated over the years, and a few bolts, I give you MIDIWALL

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Please note that Zendesk links in our tutorial and Desktop will now be very broken. Probably in weird ways. I'm updating the tutorial now, may update Intiface Desktop but it's kind of a chore to have everyone update for *less* features.

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Or we're slowly but surely (mostly slowly) filling out a FAQ of common issues related to Buttplug and Intiface apps.


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I started a zendesk account early on to see if integrated helpdesk and knowledge base would be useful for open source.

The answer is "I don't care enough so no it is not helpful".

There are still help resources available for Buttplug tho!

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Welp, just replied to a bunch of backed up inquiries, then closed our zendesk account!

That is how you do customer service.

The glitz, the glamour.

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people think being a sex toy engineer is all masturbation but 90% of the time i'm just trying to get a photo in the right lighting so i can tell a manufacturer that a tooling seam is too obvious

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You are the Patron Saint of the last thing you put inside you!

What are you the Patron Saint of?πŸ€”πŸ™‚

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