There's a special feeling when you return to an unfinished project and the first thing you have to do is documentation.

Not because you want to, but because you are definitely sure wrote the code but you have forgotten how any of it works or why you even did it the way you did.

Anyways if anyone happens to live in my brain and has access to the memory region storing info about how I designed the Buttplug v6 configuration system, please go over and kick it for me.

Spent all day yesterday on documentation.

Documented a little under half the code I was aiming for.

If all of you could please reduce your sex hardware requirements, that'd be great.

Your horny is making this library way too complex.


Oh god that sounds maddening. I can only assume you get to start going through it like you’re trying to work out someone else’s undocumented code and HOPE you start remembering what you did and why.

@anthracite Yup that's exactly what happened. I just have to sit there and reread things until the structures re-form in my head.

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