Suddenly the idea of putting an accelerometer on a fleshlight is interesting again.


Trombone Champ is the best game ever made


*looks at Trombone Champ*

*looks at vast onahole collection*

*looks at vive/tundra trackers and Index controllers*

oh no

anyone who plays osu! to an even mild proficiency is going to absolutely destroy this game.

I am not that person.

Hello again, old friend.

This is the interactive fleshlight, a usb air pressure sensor for the fleshlight that came out in 2003.

The last time I had this thing out was 2008.

It’s been a minute.

Love too hook 20 year old sex toys up to my computer and see the following completely normal notification.

Well fuck.

The interactive fleshlight expects a vintage fleshlight case, which has a slightly larger diameter than modern cases.

Gonna have to rig this to work.

In the background, Ferris, sitting next to a skeeball and a blender cube buttplug, looks on in disgust.

Ok first go at the lid taping was a failure. Didn’t handle the air holes that are normally blocked by the cap. Going Teflon tape style on this seems to be a winner though.

There’s a moment when you’re sitting there lubricating your game controllers that you think “maybe cronenberg was on to something here”

Ok well mouse control with the interactive fleshlight seems to work.

I wouldn't say it works WELL, but it works, and that should be enough to get us through a game of Trombone Champ.

So it turns out playing Trombone Champ with an Interactive Fleshlight goes about as well as you'd expect playing a rhythm game with a 20 year old, badly built sex toy as a controller would go.

Don't think I'll be using this setup to finish Dark Souls either.


I feel like this could benefit from a better motion tracking system, like the aforementioned VR setup, but I also need to go buy cereal, so that science experiment will have to wait.

I would like to say thank you to for making this shitpost, and the hopefully better tracked shitposts to follow, possible.

Absolutely worth $15. Go buy it.

(Btw: duct taping a Nintendo switch joycon to things should also work fine for this and I’m pretty sure there’s already cursor control systems for that.)

@buttplugio this whole thread 🤣 has improved my morning vastly.

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